Best wishes for the year 2012… That is, if it’s actually the year 2012–something that is far from being certain. For Muslims, the year is 1433. For the Chinese, it’s 4709, keeping in mind that in 2011 their new year began on January 23rd.

And in our own Gregorian/Western/Christian calendar, the year 2012 is not completely accurate. This is because of one monk, Denys le Petit, who experienced technical difficulties when it came to counting. Perhaps he used his fingers to count and forgot all about the 0. As a result, Jesus Christ’s birth is in year 1 as opposed to year 0. In addition, le Petit was somehow off in his calculations by four years. In fact, Christ was born in the year 4 Before Christ.

Hopefully, all these calendrical (mis)calculations won’t make your head spin. It would be a shame to start the New Year with a headache. Instead, we wish you a very happy, prosperous and most pleasant new year!

Jean-Benoît , Erika, Nathalie and Julie