Going Solo

  Everything You Need to Start Your Business and Succeed as Your Own Boss

“…I loved this book. So practical.”
Marc Kramer,  The Best Business Minds podcast

” …A savvy guide that covers business plans, marketing, pricing, negotiating, contracts, incorporation, taxes, work-life balance and much more.”

“A great way to learn how to put your passion into action.”
Andi Simon, On the Brink podcast

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The Bonjour Effect

 Takes readers beyond what the French say to explain what they really mean.

“…as light as it is substantive!”
The New York Times

” …fascinating and delightful….”
The Times Literary Supplement

“Copies should be made available at every border crossing.”
The  Daily Mail

“…lively and informative…”
The Globe and Mail

Charging Ahead: Hydro-Quebec and the Future of Electricity

How Hydro-Québec has put Quebec two generations ahead of California, Vermont and Ontario in the energy transition, and how it’s turning Quebec into the “Battery of the Northeast.”

“A thorough study”

“So many surprises and interesting things in this book”
Sonali Karnick, CBC’s All in a Weekend

The Story of Spanish

A “biography” of Spanish that explains how the language was born, evolved and spread – sometimes against all odds – to become the world’s 3rd most-spoken tongue

“Hats off!”
The Economist

“…zips along crisply.”
The Wall Street Journal

“… a rich history of the language.”
The LA Times

The Story of French

The mysteries of French are unravelled in a narrative that spans from Charlemagne to the Cirque du Soleil.

*Winner of the Mavis Gallant Prize for Nonfiction and the Prix La Renaissance française

“…well told, highly accessible..”
The New York Times

“…stuffed with surprises, insight and humour…”
The Independent

“…an illuminating portrait of Gallic sensibility.”
Publisher’s Weekly

Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong

Part travelogue and part anthropological study, the full story of the French “difference.”

“..does its job marvelously well.”
The Wall Street Journal

“…should be handed out at Calais and Charles de Gaulle airport.”
The Daily Telegraph

“…a wonderful book…”
The Globe and Mail