In kiosks now: September issue of L’actualité where the bilingual elementary school Nesbitt is the frame for the article written by Lise-Marie Gervais.

From the  Nesbitt Best Elementary School Blog August 21, 2011 :

Nesbitt School is the frame for an article about Quebec’s English schools that appeared in the September 1 issue of L’actualité magazine. Journalist Lisa-Marie Gervais calls Nesbitt’s parents les irreductibles – the hard core resisters.

Gervais has been following Nesbitt parents since we met her at EMSB meetings last April. Her article outlines the struggle English schools across Quebec face because of declining enrolment. But the piece ends on an optimistic note: to survive, she says, English schools are learning to “reinvent themselves.”

Nesbitt understood that 30 years ago when it introduced its ground-breaking French immersion program. Today, Montreal parents who want to raise perfectly bilingual kids still opt for Nesbitt. But Nesbitt is being penalized for its success. In a Maclean’s article August 19, EMSB Director general Robert Stocker said Nesbitt is up for closure because it “drains” students from other schools!

This is, of course, baloney: only 48 (a little more than one tenth) of Nesbitt students come from outside the program boundaries the EMSB set itself!